Executive Protection, Inc. (EPI) is a licensed and insured security firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Our company was established in November of 2004. We currently have over 300 employees. We specialize in providing customer focused and cost-effective security services. We maintain close relationships with our clients, always striving to ensure real-time solutions to the myriad of security issues and challenges prevalent in today’s business environment.

Our extensive experience gained by providing solutions to contracting requirements is unsurpassed. Our team of professionals makes it a daily exercise to practice both effectiveness and efficiency by taking common sense approaches to operational success. Our tried and proven procedures and techniques are designed to promote mission accomplishment through proactive and detailed planning, recruiting, hiring, training, and staffing for efficient, rapid, and sustained deployment.

Our strength is our people and commitment to mission accomplishment. We believe that proactive protection, situational awareness and technical expertise are important keys to meeting the needs of our clients in today’s ever-changing world. Our strategic goals are to identify and understand threats, assess vulnerabilities, and determine potential negative impacts to our clients’ resources and assets. Through training, leadership, and adhering to a strict code of conduct, we offer an environment where our management and employees set the standard for provided security services.

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Exeutive Protection, Inc.
No.6 DMJ Bldg. 3F, 4-12-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
PHONE : +81-3-5414-7477
E-MAIL : contact@ex-pr.com


Our core services consist of providing uniformed guards, vehicle patrols, executive logistics and support, disaster and emergency response, and protection for residential communities, businesses, commercial and critical infrastructure, special events, and corporate executives and celebrities. We provide security officers and electronic surveillance systems to office buildings, construction sites, retail space, transportation facilities, private residences, neighborhoods, business and commercial properties, local communities, datacenters and government installations. Fulltime and part-time contracted services receive the same quality of service backed by our commitment to excellence.


Our mission is not only to help people live safely, but also to be a good corporate citizen. We provide services that protect and support our local community. The services include security, technical training, community maintenance and integrated solid waste removal and disposal, operations and maintenance to support government and commercial facilities.